Hotpot Manage Vouchers

Hotspot Voucher Batches:

You are able to create voucher batches and view your current batches in this section:

The information that will be on display in this section:

  • ID
  • Name of Hotspot batch
  • Size of the Batch
  • Number of used vouchers
  • How long they are valid for
  • The time limit for each voucher
  • Data limit for each voucher
  • Topup Info
  • Status 

The action icons allow you to:

  • Delete
  • Disable 
  • Enable
  • View 
  • Delete

After selecting the new batch, this will be the process:

Step one:

Enter and name and a voucher count for the Hotspot batch:

Step two:

Select how long the vouchers will be valid for (You can use the drop-down arrow to change between Days/Hours/Months)

Step three:

You will get an overview of the Hotspot name, voucher count, voucher validity, you can then select the Data limit, and the time period.

Step four:

You will have a complete overview of the Hotpot voucher batch.   Here you will enter your Username/Password.  You can also leave the password blank - and select the password is the "same as username".  You can also use the check box to select if the vouchers can be used for service topups.

Step five:

The following step is the option to add Radius AVP Pairs. (If added, please click add to confirm)

Step six:

The next is the confirmation of the voucher batch.  This step will have all the voucher batch details as you have entered them. Once you have confirmed the details are correct, click on the generate vouchers, you will be directed back to the manage vouchers page, with confirmation that the voucher batch has been created.  It will now be visible in the Manage Vouchers section.

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