Adding a New Service

Adding a New Service:

To add a new service, firstly select the drop-down box.  (You will be able to search for customer names as well). 

Once you have selected your customer name, you will automatically go to the following page:

Below the customer's information, you are able to use the drop-down box, to select your product you would like to assign to the customer once you have selected the product - the product information will be available to edit:

The following product information can be edited within this section

  • You are able to add the description
  • Username - Service username, (a realm with be automatically appended).
  • Service Password, if left blank - a password will be generated, you can then view the service to see the password.

You are also able to edit the Billing information for the product:

  • You are able to adjust the price

  • Able to view the Billing cycle
  • Able to edit the next invoice date

Once you have completed your Product and Billing information, click the "Create service" to complete this section:

You will then be directed to the service, where you are able to view and edit the service.

The following service information will be available:

  • Service Info
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Status
  • Creation date
  • Last modified
  • Service Type

The following billing information will be available to be edited:

  • Service price
  • Discount
  • Final price
  • Billing cycle
  • Billing date 
  • Billing status
  • Last invoice
  • Next invoice

The next section allows you to see the following information:

  • General info (Radius username/password, Static IP, Active Sessions)
  • Radius AVP Pairs - Attributes can be added.  Radius attributes specified here will be sent whenever this service connects)
  • Cap information
  • Usage (Can be set to 24 Hours, Last week, or last month)
  • Graphs (Can be set to 24 Hours, Last week, or last month)
  • Auth logs
  • Sessions
  • Port locking
  • Location

Below this, you are able to add tags, service notes, and add equipment assigned to the service.

Please click on our "Support" button at the top right of the page if you have not found any information to assist with what you needed in this section.

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