Creating a Data Service Product

Creating a Data Service

After clicking the above box, you will be directed to the section to create your Data Service:

Step 1 - Selecting if you would want the service to be once-off or Recurring Services

If selecting recurring, the page will load a selection section for the recurring period and the date you would like the product to be billed, if selecting once-off, you can just click next.

Step 2 Product Information

Insert the product name and the description of the product

Step 3 Product pricing

Insert the product pricing.  The first price would be your once-off set-up fee amount (If applicable - if you are not charging a set-up fee, can leave this section blank). The next price is your monthly cost for the product (Excluding Tax - which is you are able to set up the Tax amount in General settings) 

Step 4 Basic Service Information

This section allows you to insert the following information: Service realm details (this is optional). The

  • Service realm details (this is optional and if not applicable can be left blank). 
  • Session limit 
  • Select the IP information 

Step 5 Service type

This section allows you to select the Service type, the following options are available:

  • Capped basic
  • Capped advanced
  • Uncapped basic
  • Uncapped advanced

(We using Uncapped basic - this is according to the product we are creating for this example).

Step 6 Data Allocations

This section is for any capped services.  This section is not valid for an uncapped service however if you are creating a capped service you would be able to:

Specify the Cap-size and how often the Cap is refreshed.  You may also specify whether the remaining cap will roll over to the next recharge cycle.

Step 7 Radius Attributes

In this example below, we will assume you are using a Mikrotik NAS and we will send the Mikrotik Rate limit attribute to set our user's upload and download speed accordingly.

Step 8 Confirm

Here you will see a complete overview of the product you havecreated. Clicking Create product will finalize this product.

 You will then be directed to "Manage your products" 

Please click on our "support" button at the top right of the page if you have not found any information to assist with what you needed in this section.

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