Creating a Static IP Product

Creating a Static IP Product

Step one Billing Information 

For this example, we are creating a Recurring Product.  In this section you select the follow:


  • The Billing Type
  • The time period for the product to be billed
  • The billing date


Step 2 Product Information

This section you may input your Product Information, which will be the product name and a description for the product.

Step 3 Product Pricing

This section allows you to insert your Product Pricing, which will be a setup fee (if applicable, if not can leave this section blank) and the Monthly price for the product.

Step 4 IP Pool

This section will allow you to select which IP Pool you would like to select for the Static IP from.

Step 5 Confirm

This section gives you a complete overview of the product you have created, clicking Create Product will finalize your product.


You will then be directed to Manage Products page, where you get an overview of all products created.



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