Managing your Settings

Basic Settings

Basic settings cover basic branding and timezone. The very first thing you will want to set is your "ISP Name" and Address. These are used on Email and PDF templates and should be set before delivering quotes and invoices to your clients.

You may also optionally upload a logo to be rendered on your invoices and quotes. The recommended logo size is 260 x 65px but any size and dimension will work, just check your result in the template preview.

Your timezone should be set to your local timezone immediately. Failure to set the time zone will make it difficult to monitor sessions and event timing properly.

Users on the Regular plan or higher may also enter a custom domain name to be used or their site. A custom domain name requires you to configure your DNS to have a CNAME to '', once we detect the CNAME is in place we will automatically provision SSL for your domain. The status of this provisioning can be seen every time you visit the account settings page.

Billing Rules

Under billing rules, you can configure your Tax, Currency settings and various timings relating to Invoicing and Automatic Service Suspension.

The global Tax Rate should be set to the percentage of tax you will charge on taxable products.

You may also set your currency to the local currency, if we are missing your currency, please get in touch.

Invoice Pre-Generation specifies how many days before the due date a recurring invoice is generated, by default invoices are generated 1 day before due date, you may increase this figure if you would like invoices to be sent out sooner.

Invoice suspension specifies how many days overdue an invoice will be before services on that invoice are automatically suspended. You may increase this value to give your users a higher grace period, or set this value really high to avoid automatic suspension completely.

Email Setup

Here you may specify the from name and email address to use for all outgoing email communication. By default the from address is and you may preserve this setting if you do not wish to see replies and/or bounce messages.

Radius Configuration

Your radius secret may be changed here. Please bare in mind that changes to radius secrets may take 2 minutes to reflect and you should update all of your devices with your new secret whenever this is changed.

We automatically detect "dead" sessions using the radius deadtime provided. By default, this is 10 minutes (2 x Acct-Interim-Interval) which is designed for devices which send a Radius Interim every 5 minutes. Should 2 interims be missed we will assume the session is no longer active and a Stop packet was not received. We will then automatically mark this session as closed.

PPTP Tunnels

Users on the regular or higher plans may create PPTP tunnels to connect their equipment to avoid possible situations where you have no stable public ip. This allows you to point Packet of Disconnect's directly to the assigned PPTP IP Address. When you create a tunnel you will be assigned a username, password and a fixed private IP address.

If you remove a tunnel you will not be able to recover the previous the private IP address, so please do not remove any PPTP accounts which are in use otherwise you may need to reconfigure your NAS settings.


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