Managing NAS Devices

Manage NAS Devices:

This section allows you to manage the NAS devices.  

You will have the following information on this page:

  • ID
  • Pool Name
  • IP Address
  • NAS Type
  • Description, 
  • Icons to either: edit or delete the NAS.

Click + New NAS, the following section will be available to enter the information about the NAS:

This section will allow you to create a new NAS by adding the following information:

  • NAS Name
  • NAS IP Address
  • NAS Description

If you click on the "Show advanced options", you will be able to add the following information:

  • POD/COA Secret
  • POD Target
  • Drop down to select your NAS type
  • Select your Walled Garden Product

On the right, you are able to add No AVP Pairs Defined. (Radius attributes specified here will be sent to all services connecting on this NAS), as well as the location of the NAS device.

Click Create NAS to finalize this section

You are also able to create a "Default NAS option" for the Advanced NAS settings - which will automatically update your added NAS devices with these settings.

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