Managing Invoices

Manage invoices:

An overview of the information in this section is as follows:

  • ID
  • Customer Number
  • Customer Name
  • When the invoice was created
  • When the invoice is due
  • Total
  • Total paid
  • Indication if it is paid or not
  • Indication if it is provisioned or not

Icons to the right of each invoice:

  • Edit
  • Disable
  • Delete
  • Enable
  • Provision 
  • Mark as paid

You are able to select multiple invoices to edit simultaneously, using the check box on the left side of the customer details.

If you select to view the invoice, you are also able to view/edit in this section, you will be able to:

  • Credit Items
  • Reverse Payments, Email, or Download invoice payments
  • Add credits to the invoice
  • Add new notes to the invoice

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