Overview of the Main Dashboard

Main Dashboard:

The main dashboard gives you instant access to important information and is split into three sections.

Dashboard Overview:

  • Services Online - A display of how many individual user names are connected and the percentage of the user base this reflects.
  • Auth Reject - The amount of failed auth attempts seen in the last 60 minutes and the percentage of the total requests this reflects. 
  • New Sessions - The number of new sessions created in the last 60 minutes and the comparison against the previous 60 minutes.
  • NAS Online - This is the count of unique NAS devices which have started sessions for users and the percentage of NAS devices connected based on the defined devices under Radius > Manage NAS devices. 


The events section will indicate all events on the system as well as the radius. System events include actions such as the creation of users and configuration changes. Radius events will display unknown users or failed events such as disconnects.

Data Usage:

The Data usage will indicate the date and amount of data usage - with an option to select either daily, monthly or yearly time periods. Data usage is calculated by smoothing out the data usage indicated in radius accounting packets.  

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