Creating a Data Service Product

Creating a Data Service

After clicking the above box, you will be directed to the section to create your product:

Step 1 - Selecting Recurring Services

Once selected the recurring services, the page will load a selection section for the recurring period and the date you would like the product to be billed.

Step 2 Product Information

Insert the product name and the description of the product

Step 3 Product pricing

Insert the product pricing.  The first price would be your once off set-up fee amount (If applicable - if you are not charging a set-up fee, can leave this section blank). The next price is your monthly cost for the product (Excluding Tax - which is you are able to set up the Tax amount in General settings) 

Step 4 Basic Service Information

This section allows you to insert the following information:Service realm details (this is optional). The

  • Service realm details (this is optional and if not applicable can be left blank). 
  • Session limit 
  • Select the IP information